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The Tecflair Technology Stack combines our own technology with the world's best FinOps products to deliver exceptional cloud cost optimization with clear spend analytics


We assess and recommend the best combination of tools for maximum savings at preferential rates




Discount Optimization




Automatically optimize pricing commitments for compute and other services to reduce commitment time and increase effective savings rate


The cloud vendors all have pricing plans which provide discounts in return for making medium or long term commitments to consume resources.  Those plans vary considerably and can cause real confusion, taking time and energy to create a purchasing strategy which delivers an optimum  ratio of risk vs savings.

Beware the trap of maximizing savings plans (or equivalent) coverage which risks over-spending and removing any benefits of future efficiency savings from usage optimization.

Our approach focuses on fully automated management of discount purchasing to maximize savings whilst minimizing the risk of over-commitment. In AWS our clients achieve near-perfect savings with zero commitment risk by receiving highest discount levels with short-term commitments.  And we don't rely on the RI marketplace.

This removes time consuming manual discount purchasing tasks, and encourages development teams to push the boundaries of efficiency by utilizing newly released cloud capabilities without being constrained by existing commitments.

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Completely hands-off block storage auto-scaler for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud  to reduce block storage costs by up to 70%


An often neglected area of cloud cost optimization is block storage.  We're used to setting effective platform optimizations for long term storage like S3, but block storage is a different matter.  It's notoriously difficult to manage and resize and it's expensive.  So the usual approach is to leave a large unused margin to reduce the risk of downtime and reduce operations time needed.

Our approach works with the native cloud block storage which you already use and provides a fully automated auto-scaler which resizes disks up and down as needed. 

It completely removes the need for operational interventions (time consuming) and eliminates downtime due to disk full.

Deployment is extremely simple and you're likely to achieve cost savings of up to 70% while gaining an IOPS performance boost of up to 10x.

We can do a free storage audit to project how much you can save with hardly any effort on your part.



Storage Optimization





Spot Optimization





Spot instance intelligent orchestration providing 100% reliability with up to 90% discount, expanding Spot applicability to your workloads


Spot instances are AWS's method for utilizing excess compute capacity. Customers can place bids to use this extra capacity at huge discounts. However these instances can be reclaimed by Amazon at 2 minutes notice leaving your application vulnerable to downtime.

Traditionally this has limited the use of Spot to applications that react well to sudden termination, so Spot instances are not widely used in most organizations.

Enter the Instance Orchestrator technology which makes Spot instances available to most application workloads whilst also optimizing existing Spot workloads to achieve greater savings and reduced risk.

Container platforms such a Kubernetes, Amazon ECS and EKS see huge optimizations by using this technology.

It also works with reserved instances and savings plans to make sure it only replaces workloads which are not already covered by discounts.

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Instantly optimize at the app-level for improved CPU utilization and latency - delivering up to 45% cost savings on compute workloads


An important part of our usage optimization stack, this technology provides real-time continuous compute optimization for Linux-based workloads across all of the major cloud platforms.

There are no code changes required as it automatically optimizes runtime level resource management to achieve massive performance gains.

Installation is extremely simple and there is no maintenance overhead, delivering significant cost savings of up to 45% on your compute workloads within days.

Applicable to all workloads, it is particularly effective in compute-intensive environments such as Kubernetes and Big Data, for which there are dedicated feature sets.

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App-level Performance Optimization


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Cloud Cost Analytics



Accurate and relevant data are essential to your cloud cost optimization strategy and day to day operation.  The tools we deploy will give you a deep insight into every cost at the unit level you need to allocate those costs and to drive them down.


As data is at the heart of all strong FinOps strategy and practices, it is essential to find the right tool for your needs.  We support a number of vendors' products and will advise which is the most appropriate for your needs.

Implementing the right analytics platform will provide you with the intelligence you need to make wise cost optimization decisions, as well as giving you the ability to fully allocate cloud costs to any cost center required by the finance team. So if you need to know the share of platform cost for each customer, product, account or anything else, you will be able to instantly access that information.

You will also be able to identify under-utilized resources and reduce their cost.

We can arrange a demonstration and free trial of the products we have on offer to help you to understand which would be the most appropriate for your needs.

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