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Market-leading security and cost optimisation strategies, services, and technology that will ensure a high-value, secure cloud platform.


One of the main advantages of the cloud is that it can easily grow from small to large or from large to larger! This brings a number of challenges in managing security risk and cost and some of those challenges will inevitably get in the way of growth and confidence.

Our solutions are designed to identify and implement strategies and actions that ensure you have a secure cloud platform and that costs are optimised to deliver the highest possible value infrastructure.

Our Identity-first security strategy and our data-driven cost optimisation approach ensures that you can sleep at night, no matter how fast your environment is growing!

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At Tecflair we know that vendor solutions for monitoring security and cost require huge amounts of manual work and they do not work in multi-cloud environments. This means you can’t easily identify where to focus your efforts leading to inefficient use of resources and wasted money.  More importantly, you can open yourself to significant risks that you have no idea exist.

  • We’ve worked hands-on across a range of hosting and cloud infrastructure projects for over 30 years.
  • We’ve developed a 100% data-driven approach and use industry-leading tools that quickly allow you to identify and mitigate security risk and unnecessary cost in your cloud platform.
  • Our solutions help secure your platform, without requiring the dedicated expertise you would traditionally need in-house and also give you substantial and often immediate savings on your infrastructure cost.

What can we do
For You?

Security Optimisation

Expertly manage access permissions, ensure cloud compliance and shift left on least privilege — reducing the attack surface outside and inside your cloud.

Financial Optimisation

Maximise savings and minimise your commitment term using our strategies and continuous automated management of your Savings Plans and Reserved Instances.

Engineering Optimisation

Engineering strategies to ensure your cloud is secure and applications and infrastructure are taking full advantage of the unique cost-saving benefits of running in the cloud.


Review the effectiveness of your existing cloud security and cost optimisation strategy, identify specific risks and calculate your potential savings.


Hands-on, expert consultancy to build and implement an identity-first security plan and a cost optimisation plan tailored for your business.


Customisable cloud infrastructure optimisation suite, for departmental, product or account-level analytics.

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We help clients make immediate improvements to their cloud security posture and substantial savings on their cloud infrastructure costs with market-leading technology and a hand-picked team of specialist consultants.

We take a data-led approach, leveraging our vast experience, in-house technology and proprietary processes to deliver tangible, bottom-line results for our clients.

We know the cloud is a great place to store your data, but it comes with some significant risks. That’s why we use our deep industry knowledge to get you the peace of mind you need when it comes to running your business in the cloud.

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