How to Create an Effective Tagging Strategy for Cost Management in AWS

In the world of AWS, it is important to be strategic with your tagging strategy. By defining specific tags for cost allocation, using those tags to organize your resources, you can easily track how much you are spending and on what, which is critical for cost management. Achieving this requires understanding both the tagging model […]

How to Reduce Amazon EC2 Costs – part 1

In this two-part series we’ll talk about a subject which we get asked about quite often: “How do I reduce my Amazon EC2 costs?” Discount Strategy Firstly, it’s important to get your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) discount strategy right. We approach any cost reductions with our 80/20 method, focusing on where the quick wins […]

AWS Cloud Financial Management August Updates

In August you were probably taking some much needed time off, possibly discovering new local delights, or forgoing flights for a staycation. As such we wanted to bring you some interesting updates that you may have missed in the AWS cloud financial management sphere! Several features were released that can aid you in your cloud […]