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Save thousands of pounds on your AWS infrastructure with our 80/20 Toolbox

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Costs of AWS giving you a headache?

Is the lack of clarity and uncertainty on how much money you’re wasting on AWS causing you stress? Is it raising questions from your finance team? Does the effort of finding a solution feel even bigger than the problem?

You're Not Alone.

Businesses are losing millions of pounds by paying for mismanaged and idle resources, with no clarity on what they are paying for and often over paying on services they don’t need. Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution.

Save thousands of pounds on your AWS infrastructure with the 80/20 Toolbox

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that nothing is left on the table. Being able to relax about your discount strategy and keep all departments happy when they understand how much the services they consume are costing.

How good would it feel to know your finance team have clarity on the AWS bills with breakdowns that are easily understood?

What a relief it will be knowing you’ll have more time and good information easily at your fingertips, with fast results.

Are you ready to see big wins without having to sweat for it?

Three Decades
of helping business

Discount Strategy Optimised

Led by CEO David Phillips, Tecflair has three decades of experience working hands-on across a huge range of hosting and cloud infrastructure projects. David and his team have saved their clients millions of pounds every year.

Tecflair’s team of certified consultants will take a data-led approach, leveraging their vast experience, in-house technology and proprietary processes to deliver tangible, bottom-line results for your business.

Here's How it works

Discount Strategy Optimised

You’ll immediately start saving with zero effort and you’ll save time converting reservations. You’ll no longer have to worry about reservations not being matched because of instance type changes.

Benefit from increased flexibility to squash or expand commitment $ and timescales. This will help illuminate that anxious feeling about over or under committing discount purchases and therefore increasing costs without need or leaving money on the table.

You’ll save even more time not having to work out which commitments to purchase and when.

Cost & Usage Data Dashboards in Place

You’ll have full visibility of the AWS services in use,
giving you more control and clarity. The visibility of costs associated with services will help to identify areas of over spending and present clear billing information.

You will be able to easily generate reports for external consumption, saving the time of Finance and other management roles.

Rightsizing Recommendations

We’ll save you money by eliminating unused capacity. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re not wasting resources!

80/20 Method

By understanding which areas bring the biggest returns, you’ll not waste time on efforts in the 20% instead of 80%. Generating large savings with a small amount of effort.

What you get with the 80/20 Toolbox

Free 30 minute discovery session

Optimisation Landscape (Free)

80/20 Quick Wins (payments on results)

Risk and hassle free

You’ve heard the term ‘no win no fee’? Well this is exactly that. You don’t pay any upfront costs and we’ll only take our payment from a fraction of what you’ll save. It’s also easy to set up, so a quick win for ROI!

Asked Questions

What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

You’ll see an instant return with no upfront costs and savings from day one.

Will your costs eat into my cloud budget?

No! We only take a small share of the savings that we make for you.

Is my cloud account secure?

Yes, we only need access via a secure IAM role, which is limited to gathering data and a few specific actions. We have a strong security policy to ensure that any data you share with us is kept safe.

What are clients
saying about us?

Tecflair have helped us unlock hidden savings and optimise our AWS platform for growth.

Tecflair has a great team, we’re making savings from day 1.

Ethan Garrett

Addison Lee

Start Saving Today!

You could be losing thousands of pounds monthly on unnecessary cloud costs. With easy set up and no upfront costs, you will start saving money immediately with the 80/20 Toolbox.

Every moment you leave your cloud infrastructure unoptimised you are losing money. Let’s turn that into savings.

What does it cost?

There are no upfront costs when you sign up for the 80/20 Toolbox. We simply take a small percentage of your savings.